Employee Drug Testing Programs in Charlotte-NC

Charlotte drug testing facilities are available for urine drug testing, hair follicle tests, nail polish residue, breath alcohol level test, and hair analysis drug testing. One telephone call and same day service are typically available for the urine drug testing requirement, whether, for court-mandated drug testing, DOT drug testing, MRO testing, work-site drug testing, private probation drug testing, employee drug testing, or private drug testing. For more information on obtaining urine drug testing or hair testing services, contact the Drug Treatment Center at the Central Drug Treatment Program at the Charlotte-owan Medical Center, North Carilion Road, Suite 401, Charlotte, NC 28223. The center can also be reached at (704) 615-4200.

The Best Way to Test For Drugs

Drug testing locations are listed in a manner that is convenient for the client’s convenience. Service is available throughout the typical business operating hours. The most convenient drug testing location is the same day service. Most treatment programs are committed to providing an immediate answer and care for people who have substance abuse problems. Substance abuse treatment includes educational programs, group counseling, life skills training, detoxification, life support and relapse prevention.

Employee drug testing programs are administered by several US drug testing centers, including those located in Charlotte-NC. Drug testing programs at work are usually performed in the workplace, but sometimes can also be performed in the student dormitory, or at other off-site locations where access to the drug is limited. Drug testing does not necessarily mean the employee has been involved in drug use; however, an employee drug testing program is designed to catch people in their work environments who may have used prohibited drugs. Drug testing serves many purposes, including helping to ensure safety and health on the job.