Long Island Event Venues

Whether you are looking for something intimate or something more extravagant, there is a long island event venues for you. For a quieter place to get away from the noise of Times Square and the hustle of the downtown area, you can find the Eastville Country Club in Eastville, NY. Both venues offer peaceful places for you to relax and enjoy a romantic evening.

Enjoy Spectacular Times at Long Island Event Venues

“The Ritz Carlton – Queens” is one of the most famous fine dining establishments in the world. It hosts some of the best weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and holiday parties in the entire city. This long island event venues offer everything from cocktail receptions, luncheons and board meetings to elegant dinners and live music.

If you are interested in celebrating something more unusual, you might consider “The Coppola Hotel.” This historic property was built in 1880 and is known for its exquisite architecture and exquisite food. The hotel’s cuisine consists of Italian delicacies and traditional New York favorites like Pasta with tomato sauce and Prosciutto. The hotel features a grand restaurant that offers a full selection of meals for special occasions and from the comfort of your own room. Long island event venues like “The Coppola Hotel” make it easy to create a memorable gathering place for any type of gathering.