San Diego Police and SDI Integration

Security Drivers International offers premium international courier services including corporate chauffeur service for VIPs and high valued assets. SDI Drivers has been former Royalty Protection and Traffic Patrol officers and they are ISO 9001 accredited, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands. SDI Drivers will also conduct drug test drives, a procedure in which a drug tester who is an ex-law enforcement officer will drive the vehicle and once you are under the influence of drugs, the SDI will stop the vehicle and take you to a drug rehab center.

Why You Should San Diego Police and SDI Integration?

In case of any vehicle accidents where there might be injuries or damages to property, the SDI will immediately notify their respective departments and give them the accident details. They will also give the police the contact details and they in turn will contact the law enforcers. The best security drivers are fully aware of the traffic laws and so if any accidents occur or if there is any damage to property or injuries then they try their level best to solve the problem. SDI also provides monitoring tools for all vehicles, such as their speed, direction and if any kind of obstruction is caused to the vehicle, they make sure the car is pulled over by the police so that there is no danger for anyone while traveling. If there is any damage to the car or any injury to anybody then the SDI takes care of it, they ensure all the drivers and passengers are attended to.

These monitoring tools are provided by the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) and they help in reducing the number of vehicle accidents because they can easily identify the speed of the vehicles. SDI will also provide a tracking system for all the vehicles so that if there is any damage or theft then the Police can easily inform them. If the executive protection program is integrated with this tracking system then there will be a considerable reduction in crime in the region. The 90 percent of the SDI fleet is driven by security drivers who have received specialized training in the security management of vehicles. There is also a dedicated team of SDI executives who work on a round the clock basis and take care of all the vehicle related issues so that the customers remain happy.