Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

pool safety inspection

Pool Safety Inspection is important to keep your swimming pool free of debris. There are many dangers to children and adults in a pool such as drowning. This may occur if the pool is not properly maintained and inspected by a pool professional. Here are some important tips to help you keep your children safe when in a pool.

Keep Your Children Safe

First and foremost it is each homeowner’s responsibility to properly maintain safety barriers and pool fences inspection. This will help to lower the risk of serious injury or even death from entering into or exiting a pool. Also recently the state government has enacted new laws under section 8 of the building act 1975. This makes pool fencing and gates require a license to be obtained. So the next time that you consider purchasing a pool for your home or a commercial facility you should make sure that the inspectors that come for the inspection to have a license as well. If they do not have the proper licenses then you may want to consider looking into another company to conduct your pool safety inspection..

The next tip that we have for you concerning pool safety inspection is to make sure that the inspectors that you hire are well trained. The best way to insure this is by hiring someone that has at least 10 years experience in this field. Also another great tip that you can use is to ask the inspectors to give you a written report on the inspection. You should also ask if they will be conducting more inspections on a regular basis. If they will be doing several yearly inspections that is a good sign. You should also ask if the inspector will be giving you one of the forms that they will need to fill out with the information about the swimming pool safety inspection so you can be sure that everything is in order.