The Artistry Behind Willow Tree Ornaments

willow tree ornaments

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Christmas ornaments, then you need to look no further than the Willow Tree ornaments collection! These are truly “the in thing” this season, as they are very unique in their style and design. These ornaments are not your run of the mill plastic ornaments that you find every year. This year, Susan Lordi has brought to life the “real” ornaments from the ancient Japanese culture and she has done an excellent job.

How To Find The Artistry Behind Willow Tree Ornaments

The Willow Tree ornaments line features seven original and beautiful ornaments in the “New Baby” collection. These willow tree ornaments have been inspired by a traditional Japanese fairy tale about two young women who were handed an ornamental baby doll when they were young. The women grew up together and now these special ornaments have been preserved as a reminder of their shared past. The figurines consist of a small baby in a cradle, surrounded by his or her foster family. The most notable feature of these works of art is the ever growing baby symbol that can be found encircling the doll’s belly button.

As you peruse through the Willow Tree ornaments this season, you will undoubtedly notice that the ornaments bear a strong resemblance to various periods in Japanese history and depict aspects of the lives of those involved with the creation of these works. This makes this new collection a perfect choice for anyone that appreciates delicate works of art and the artistic sensibilities that go along with them. In addition, the Willow Tree ornaments line includes all of the traditional elements that make these works of art so popular, such as the hand painted resin and hand crafted copper sculptures available for purchase.