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Airsoft pellets, also known as rubber or plastic pellets, are flat, solid cylindrical projectiles fired from airsoft guns. Typically composed of a hard rubber material, they generally measure around 6 inches in diameter, and weight about 0g, with the highest being able to weigh a few hundred grams. They can be shot approximately three feet, although longer ranges can be achieved through waiting for the pellets to cool down before firing. They are popular among airsoft enthusiasts because of their incredible accuracy and shooting speeds but are illegal in some countries, including the United States.

Friendly Airsoft Pellets

Due to the weight and physical size of airsoft pellets, accuracy is an extremely important factor to consider. Because pellets cannot be shot accurately, they are not ideal for practicing or targeting skills. However, they are still excellent for hunting and other sport activities, as long as they are shot in the right direction. Airsoft pellets, especially 6mm pellets, are the best suited for long-range shots because they are relatively accurate and have a larger pellet spin than other pellets on the market.

Rechargeable bbs, also known as BBs, are plastic BBs that can be reused over again, making them a popular upgrade for airsoft guns. This option reduces the total number of pellets used in a single airsoft gun, thus conserving resources. Recycling allows airsoft pellets to be reused without negatively effecting the environment. While it may take more time and effort to recycle BBs, it’s well worth it when the resulting pellets are reusable. Green energy options such as green airsoft pellets allow users to reduce their carbon footprint without negatively impacting the environment.