What Is a Flat Bar Bike?

A flat bar bike, also known as a cross country bike or an urban bike, is usually a utility bike with a low flat bar and a cross frame instead of a drop bar to accommodate the rider’s hands and feet. Some bikes are retro looking, resembling vintage road bikes from the 1970s. These retro bikes are usually equipped with small wheels, wide tires, and a non-flammable disc brake system. Bikes like this are excellent for commuting, taking shorter trips, or practicing biking on off road areas that are closed off by fences or other obstacles. Because they are designed for use outdoors, they are often equipped with features intended to make biking easier and more convenient, such as hand controls and hydraulic grips. But they can also be used for mountain biking, racing, and cross country riding as well.


A flat bar bicycle is ideal for any level of fitness or skill level. It’s a great way to build muscle without putting out the effort required to do so. Bicycles with flat bars offer the same cardiovascular workout as a traditional road bike but at a lower cost and with a lighter frame. Many people think that the flat bar design limits the options for building strength and flexibility in the legs, but this isn’t true. The smoothness of the transition between the handlebars and saddle makes it easy for even beginners to get a workout on one.


Bicycles with a Flata Bar are also much easier to ride. They don’t require you to sit over the top of the pedal like traditional bikes do, meaning that you can keep your legs in the position that you are most comfortable in during your workout. Many bike enthusiasts prefer to cycle with their legs in the butterfly position. This means that your legs are fully extended and in the air when you are pedaling. This allows for a much easier, safer cycling experience.